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Online Casino Reviews – Poker Blog

The casino is a very good place to enjoy and have fun. Players go to casino for several reasons. Some of them spend time in learning the skills required to play the casino games with the main aim to win money. Most of the players go to casino for fun and entertainment. Gambling is a good pastime and along with the temptation of winning money adds still more excitement and thrill to players. Certain players enjoy the experience along with adrenaline rush, which accompanies the thrill while risking money on playing such games. Certain players are excessively involved in gambling, and they yield themselves to darker side of casino and gambling entertainment, addiction.

Addiction is a compulsive requirement which starts as a normal experience and becomes out of control harmful craving. There are some people who get addicted to sex, drugs, gambling, food and alcohol. When the player is overwhelmed by the game’s thrill and excitement, the player gets addicted to it. Gambling similar to other addictions can be damaging for the individual and his family.

There are 20 questions present in Gamblers Anonymous, which can be useful for any person who feels that they have become addicted towards gambling. Here we have obtained permission to reprint those questions, and it is important that you all take some time to read this list of questions.

Twenty Questions

1. Did you lose time from school or work because of gambling? 2. Has your personal life become unhappy due to gambling? 3. Has your reputation got affected because of gambling? 4. Have you regretted a lot after gambling? 5 Did you gamble to secure money that you would use to pay off your debts or solve your financial crisis? 6. Was there a decrease in your efficiency or ambition because of gambling? 7. After you lose, did you feel that you should win back what you lost after returning soon? 8. After winning in a game, do you have a strong impulse to play again and win more? 9. Did you gamble often till you lost all your money? 10. Did you also borrow money for gambling? 11. Did you sell anything in order to finance your gambling requirements? 12. Did you refuse to make use of gambling money for general expenses? 13. Did you become careless about the welfare of your family and yourself because of    gambling? 14. Did you gamble for more time than what you planned? 15. Did you gamble anytime to escape from trouble or worries? 16. Did gambling cause problems to your normal sleeping routine? 17. Do frustrations, disappointments or arguments create an urge for gambling in your life? 19.Did you have anytime an urge for celebrating the best fortune with few hours of gambling? 20. Have you ever thought about suicide or self-destruction because of gambling?
Many of the compulsive gamblers will say yes to at least 7 of above questions.

In certain cases people consider that they shall have some problem after reading these questions which they realize they should do.

If you find someone whom you love having a certain problems with gambling addiction, you can show them that there are plenty of resources present no matter where they stay. I have gathered some web links to online sources, which explain about gambling addiction. In the home page’s left column, you should find a subject with title “Problem gambling” . There are many links to organizations, which can provide information and assistance for any person who has got addicted to gambling.

With all types of gambling addiction, you should admit that there is some problem. Most of the gambling addicts are denying their problem. If you are aware of someone who has got addicted towards gambling but has refused to help themselves, then they can get help from such organizations. There is a site named About Alcoholism, which provides various links to resources for gambling addict families. There is time to obtain help when it is more than a game. There are various resources for players to obtain help.

You can check for local resources or contact gamblers anonymous to get assistance for Problem gambling subject page, which is listed in the sidebar.