Progressive Online Slots

Progressive Online Slots

Online casinos give players a chance to change their lives overnight. Today you are a regular budget player, and tomorrow you’re a millionaire. Such a chance happens once in a lifetime if you are lucky. Though if you are very lucky, you can take this chance twice or thrice in your life. It depends on your luck and persistence.

This chance is only available at progressive online slots and games that feature jackpot prizes. A progressive jackpot slot machine can divide your life into before and after. How so? What are these slots? And how do you make the maximum out of online gambling? The answers are below!

What are progressive online slots?

Progressive online slots are usual slot machines with an unusual feature. The mechanics and game rules are typical of video slots. However, there is a progressive jackpot feature. It allows players to win a sky-high sum of money. How does it work?

A progressive prize pool usually starts at some level. As a rule, the starting point and the minimum amount of money that can be won is $1,000,000. But the amount depends on the game.

Then, players from multiple online casinos and different countries start playing this game for real money. They wager as little or as much as they desire and contribute a small percentage of their bets to the total prize pool. If the slot is very popular, its prize pool grows increasingly, and the million quickly becomes 2 million and higher.

There is no limit on how big the progressive prize pool can be. It grows until someone hits the jackpot.

Many progressive online slots have multiple progressive jackpots such as minor, mini, major, and grand or mega. All these prize pools grow as long as players stake their money.

Top progressive jackpot slots

Thankfully, online casinos boast different progressive jackpot slots. It isn’t one or two machines, there are multiple games. And players from different places on the planet choose them to play and contribute a percentage of their bets toward prize pools.

However, when choosing a progressive jackpot slot, it’s important to understand which slot machine is the most popular. The more popular the game, the bigger the jackpot pool and the higher your chance to hit it.

Because popular slot machines are played by millions of players, their progressive prize pools grow rapidly. And the random chance of triggering the jackpot game gets closer with every bet.

If you decide to join the progressive online slot competition, choose some of the top slots of this category:

  • Mega Moolah and the series of Mega Moolah slots (they feature the same progressive prize pools)
  • Divine Fortune
  • Arabian Nights
  • Joker Millions
  • Hall of Gods
  • Empire Fortune
  • Wheel of Wishes

Besides, head to the lobby of your casino and use the search options. Many casino sites gather slots by categories such as Hot, Popular, Progressive Jackpot, and so on. Click on these collections and pick a progressive online slot that features the best payout.

How to pick a progressive online slot that’s ready to hit?

To understand which progressive slots are about to hit, you should know the mechanics. Progressive jackpots like everything about slot machines are random. It means that they get hit at a random time by a random player. You can play progressive online slots for two years and never hit one, while your friend places a couple of minimum bets and hits $10 million.

Besides, there are a couple of million players over the internet playing the same jackpot slot as you. And the only one who spins the reels at the right second and at the right stake triggers the jackpot game.

This is why you can never tell when it’s about to hit. It can be triggered at the beginning when the prize pool has grown to $1,500,000 and it can be triggered after a long time and tries when the pool grows to a billion. These are real cases. So the process is completely random.

But still, you can use different tips and try to pick the right jackpot game that’s ready to hit:

  1. Choose a slot with a jackpot, not at its starting point. The bigger the prize pool, the higher the chance to hit a win.
  2. Pick a popular slot. As we said earlier, popular progressive online slots are more dynamic.
  3. Analyze the statistics. Many progressive slots have statistics on how often the jackpot prize is paid out.

Some players will wonder if the RTP matters when choosing a progressive jackpot slot. In fact, many progressive online slots have a low RTP of about 84% or 90%, which is not comparable to regular slot machines. This is due to the progressive jackpot feature. So in the case of jackpot slots, RTP is not the first indicator of a good game.

How does one trigger a progressive jackpot win?

It depends on the game rules of each particular slot. Some progressive slots let you randomly trigger a jackpot win when you’re playing a base game. It works like this: you place stakes and spin the reels, and in a moment, you get a pop-up message you’ve won the jackpot!

Some slot machines first require you to trigger a bonus game by, for example, collecting three bonus symbols on the reels. Only this triggers a bonus round, where you need to spin a wheel and get a jackpot prize (mini, minor, major, or grand) or you can win nothing if a blank spot exists on the wheel.

Anyway, if you trigger a progressive jackpot one day, you will certainly get on point because you can’t miss out on your once-in-a-lifetime chance. And once you’ve played the bonus round and won the biggest jackpot prize, don’t get too excited though letting your emotions go is pretty necessary at the moment.

Before you get paid the amount, your account will be thoroughly checked by the security team at the casino. And if you’re clear (no bonus abuse, no terms violation, no false information about you), you will be successfully paid out your jackpot prize. But make sure that your online casino pays jackpot sums in a single transaction and doesn’t load it in installments.